Pastor Melissa

Rev Melissa Rusler


Pastor Melissa has been with Fallbrook United Methodist Church for the last three years. She has brought with her not only 23 years of experience serving in full-time ministry, but also a joy of sharing God’s love, reminding herself and encouraging everyone to use their God-given gifts and talents to serve God and others. She loves sharing the sacraments of holy communion and baptism; teaching and participating in Bible studies; and reaching out to help the community. She strongly believes that laughter is good for the soul, which is evidenced by her joyful demeanor. Her laughter is infectious, which combined with her accepting and receptive nature, allows people from all walks of life to approach and interact with her with ease and comfort. 

Pastor Melissa enjoys prayer, reading, time on the beach, and traveling near and far with family and friends. Some of her favorite hobbies are camping, fishing, hiking, canoeing, running (especially half and full marathons) and music of all types.